About us

Philosophy & Culture

Mission statement

Delta Tetra exists to create accessible avenues for those wanting to play a meaningful role in global cannabis. Our goal is to help build a vibrant, collaborative and inclusive industry.

One that creates jobs, inspires innovation and most importantly, provides better health outcomes.

The team behind Delta Tetra Group are immensely proud of the sector we are fortuitous enough to contribute to. As such, we are committed to the continuance of that growth and the development of the industry for common good.

The journey

Delta Tetra Consultancy was founded in early 2016 with the view to provide specialist cannabis turn-key project management services to a developing Australian medical cannabis sector.

Since then, Delta Tetra has played a key role in providing the nascent Australian cannabis industry with specialist knowledge, guidance and support. With our cannabis-specific approach, Delta Tetra is free from traditional corporate rigidity, yet respectful of the industry and the inherent complexities within it.

Delta Tetra has built a complex network of medical cannabis professionals and supporting companies to offer seed-to-sale project management solutions to individual entrepreneurs and companies alike.

Expansion was inevitable as licenses were approved and projects realised. Delta Tetra’s growth began to reflect the broader scope and scale of the industry as it developed. The need for an all-encompassing eco-system was becoming ever apparent. And so, Delta Tetra Compliance, Delta Tetra Operations and Delta Tetra Equities were born.

Delta Tetra ‘Compliance’ focuses on regulatory frameworks, licensing and consultancy services within that field. ‘Operations’ brings our clients license applications to life through a wide range of professional horticultural design, infrastructural and fit-out services. We seldom provide our clients with typical agricultural or pharmaceutical spaces. A cannabis facility has to be designed with operations in mind, purpose-built with the guidance only innate cannabis experience can provide.

Delta Tetra ‘Equities’ offers our clients representation and support through the development of the company’s commercial position. Our network of commercial partners and our capacity to foster interindustry relationships is difficult to match.

Global cannabis is a breeding ground of collaborative innovation, Delta Tetra is perfectly positioned to capitalise on that, with our uniquely collaborative model and depth of industry knowledge. In short, if you can dream it, we can show you how to do it.