The Delta Tetra team

Tim Oates

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Tim has a background focused on client relations, business development and practical cannabis management with an emphasis on people and communications. This skill set was developed during employment with Apple Inc for 4 years, where Tim was responsible for customer relations as well as staff and management training roles.

After leaving Apple, Tim joined a prominent horticultural company as Media and Marketing Manager. While in this role Tim was responsible for marketing strategies and customer experience as well as business development.

Prior to moving to Australia in 2015, Tim was prominently involved in the UK medical cannabis initiative, working with some of the industry’s global leaders and has acquired a comprehensive cannabis industry knowledge-set and network base.

Tim has worked tirelessly to innovate and progress sensible approaches to cannabis legislation across Europe. This has led to an applicable and practical knowledge of the cannabis industry globally as well as a wealth of experience in medical cannabis and its relating nuances.

As Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Delta Tetra Consultancy, Tim is responsible for the daily management of Delta Tetra.

Hamish Barakat

Chief Operations Officer

Prior to earning his degree in Business Commerce at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia in 2015, Hamish developed his international business skills with involvement in domestic several start-ups and medical cannabis operations in North America.

Hamish has a vast knowledge of the regulated cannabis markets with a specialization in botanical extraction through cGMP certification. Moreover, with personal and professional connections to the overseas medical cannabis markets, Hamish possesses a knowledgeable database of the regulated cannabis industry and its best business practices.

Since joining Delta Tetra in late 2016, Hamish has brought a wealth of experience regarding operating commercial-scale medical cannabis businesses as well as the astute financial & operational oversight required in a new and developing industry.

As Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer for Delta Tetra Consultancy, Hamish is responsible for all operations at Delta Tetra.

Dr. Divyang Butala

Quality Assurance & Regulatory Compliance Manager

Divyang joined Delta Tetra Consultancy in early 2019, supporting the company with all things regulatory compliance and quality assurance.

Div has over 20 years of experience in Australian and global pharmaceutical markets, project management, regulatory compliance, quality assurance, as well as analytical and technology transfer operations.

Div interests extend into development and registration of pharmaceuticals and cannabis products. He has a successful history of speeding up drug development and approval of pharmaceutical products through his comprehensive understanding of the drug development and registration process from bench to commercialisation. His extensive knowledge of CMC documentation has allowed for seamless preparation of drug product TMFs for TGA submission, DMFs and INDs for US FDA fillings.

One of Div’s major achievements has been the successful management, scale up operations and regulatory compliance of large-scale international CBD (cannabidiol) projects. He has a wealth of experience in preparing licensing and Import/Export Application for cannabis, synthetic CBD API, CBD/THC oil, CBD flower for managing CBD projects.

Internationally, Div has led international inter-company technology transfer in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific. Div’s experience in technological transfer of new products and processes from benchtop to pilot-scale has facilitated Australian and US clients to supply products for clinical trials and commercial supply.
He has led the production of commercial products and clinical trial materials in a variety of dosage forms in TGA and FDA approved facilities.

Div is responsible for all Regulatory Compliance and Quality Assurance at Delta Tetra.

Zvi Brooks

Corporate Adviser & VC/MA Specialist

Zvi joined the Delta Tetra team in early 2019 to support the management team around Mergers & Acquisitions as well as Corporate Strategy and Opportunity Management.

A proven entrepreneurial leader with a track record of delivering business growth through strong customer and commercial relationships, Zvi is an experienced M & A Professional and Corporate Strategist. With an eye for sourcing deals on a global stage, Zvi has a passion for the cannabis industry and has played a keen involvement for the previous 3 years.

Zvi has raised upwards of $50M over the past 10 years and has been instrumental in the support the Australian cannabis sector through various corporate strategy roles, fundraising & financing and commercialization.

Zvi is also a co-founder of Epicentre Property Solutions and Assets (EPSA), founder of Visage Capital, – providing corporate advisory and specialist fundraising solutions to these groups as well driving the customer acquisition and M&A functions of EPSA.

Laura Mann

Controlled Environment Specialist, Facility Design & Cultivation Methodology

Laura possesses longstanding experience in the Dutch controlled horticultural industry, with 7+ years involved in at scale cannabis cultivation, Laura can offer unparalleled cultivation support.

Born and raised in the Westland region of The Netherlands, family ties in horticulture and technology ensured her education in facility management started early.

Laura’s understanding of controlled cultivation strengthened when she expanded her work into the vibrant Californian cannabis market. Possessing both commercial-scale cultivation knowledge and operational cannabis experience led to a wide range of value-add skills for Laura’s clients.

Laura is responsible for cannabis facility design & fit out, hardware procurement and cultivation protocols.