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In a burgeoning industry like Medical Cannabis, expertise is seldom widespread. So we’ve always strived to find and develop relationships that bring genuine value and expertise to the table for our clients. We can’t possibly do it all, but with the right partnerships, anything becomes possible.

Through focused collaboration with like-minded organisations Delta Tetra can make sure you have the support you need, when you need it. We want our clients to feel as comfortable with our carefully curated support partners as you do with us.


Infrastructure & Building Solutions

With our versatile range of services, ARA Building Services continues to establish its position as one of the leaders in the building services industry in Australia.

Our four major capabilities comprise of:
• Design & fit-out
• Remedial construction
• Maintenance

365 Cannabis

Software Solutions

Grow beyond the limits of basic seed-to-sale software. 365 Cannabis is an all-in-one enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution specifically built for the cannabis industry.

Indicated Technology

Equipment Procurement

Indicated Technologies are a cannabis agronomy provider with offices in Melbourne and Adelaide, Australia. Indicated Technologies provide consulting services, facility design support and agri-technology procurement with a focus on advanced lighting, HVAC and fertigation solutions.

Ample Organics

Software Solutions

Ample Organics is the world’s first cannabis specific SAP and audit system. Developed in Canada under Federal regulation and Health Canada, Ample Organics allows you to grow, package and sell your products with a tracking solution purpose built for government regulation.

Plant Greek Consulting LLC

Facility Design & Genetic Curatorial Solutions

Plant Geek, led by founder and CEO, Damian Solomon will create, develop and implement cutting edge GACP crop cultivation systems in select facilities around Australasia.


Equipment Procurement

WHG was created to help meet consumer demands within the hydroponics market for a higher quality of service, and products that are tested, designed and used by Australian’s to meet the diverse and often tough Australian conditions and standards.

DNA Genetics

Breeding & Genetic Acquisition Solutions

DNA Genetics was founded by Don and Aaron in Amsterdam back in 2004 and is known for being the undisputed leader in creating high quality medical genetics. In over 10 years, DNA Genetics has won more than 200 awards in all categories at the most prestigious cannabis events all over the world.


Facility Design & Equipment Procurement

Priva is a world leader in developing and supplying sustainable technologies for the control of indoor environments within horticulture and buildings. This includes innovative solutions for a more efficient control of climate, energy and water within indoor growing environments to achieve optimal crop growth, and as a means to conserve scarce resources and reduce our impact on the planet.

Dinafem Seeds

Dinafem Seeds Breeding & Genetic Acquisition Solutions

At Dinafem Seeds, one of the main goals is to ensure that all their cannabis seeds are unique and fully meet the expectations of the most demanding cannabis growers. The amazing quality offered by all Dinafem genetics has nothing to do with luck, but with the many years of hard work and research spent by a team with ample experience in the field.

Powerplants Australia

Facility Design & Equipment Procurement

Powerplants Australia can provide your facility with state of the art specific turn-key solutions and equipment for medicinal cannabis production, in a precise and controlled environment. The medical cannabis equipment, curated by Powerplants, is world class; we source state of art machinery from all around the world to ensure the quality is the best available.

Prohibition Partners

Industry Data Collation & Analysis

Prohibition Partners was founded in 2017 with a mission to open up the international cannabis industry through reliable data and intelligence. Our research and content teams routinely share the latest legislative developments and key trends in the industry – information that is regularly cited by political leaders, investment banks and Fortune 500 companies.

Hanway Associates

Corporate Strategy & EU Market Entry

Hanway Associates is a London-based consultancy specialising in cannabis research, market entry strategy, corporate advisory, and strategic communications. Hanway work with our clients to envision the future and plot a path to make that vision a reality.


Facility Design & Equipment Procurement

Viscon are a design and equipment specialist focusing on niche and developing industries. Viscon have been contributing to innovative solutions towards specializing in automation & mechanization for over 45 years.

The Bureau Melbourne

Advertising and Graphic Design

The Bureau Melbourne is a full service graphic design & advertising agency specialising in Creative development, Strategy and Client service. They are responsible for the creation of the Delta Tetra suite of brand communications and deliver challenger thinking with inspiring ideas and business solutions custom developed for each unique clients real world business problems.

Shield Security

Specialised Security Services

Shield Corporate Security provides specialised security services. Utilising our experience from government and military service, we are capable to provide tailored made solutions to counter and mitigate risks, for specific and generic threats. As a company, we are committed to engage only highly skilled security professionals, with various backgrounds to meet the task’s requirements. Maintaining a broad range of services we cover all aspects of: Security Operations, Protective Surveillance, Investigations, Business Intelligence and Risk Management Shield obtains recognised experience, in both Operations and Training that ensures delivery of a professional and innovative security package.